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Making Retirement Accessible to All Americans

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Retirement shouldn’t just be a savings, it should be an investment. It is now easier than ever to build your retirement legacy, regardless of your level of income. Build retirement savings and secure your future with higher savings interest returns while safeguarding your investment. With Oasis Retirement, you can earn up to 12% return annually. Now, that’s a big difference!

Oasis Retirement provides significant investment returns that benefit workers, members, employees, employers, families, and businesses. Our investment experts have gained international investment knowledge in order to grow a person’s wealth and make a financially secure retirement accessible to all working Americans. Through our asset growth microloan platform, you can now build your retirement legacy through higher investment returns that were once available only to the wealthy. With Oasis Retirement, you can start your contribution from as low as $25/month. The more you invest, the higher the returns!


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One in four Americans don’t have a retirement plan or savings, and those who do are not able to save enough for a secure future. And it doesn’t help that average annual interest returns from bank savings or the stock market are a mere .05% to 3%. That’s where Oasis Retirement can help you. 

Our participants receive returns up to 12% annually.


Benefits both employers and employees


Boosts employee retention and morale


Creates a nest egg for when you're ready to retire

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