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TURN Your Savings into Lasting Prosperity

Earn annual returns between 12% – 36%

Start your journey with Oasis Retirement for as little as $25/month and watch your returns grow with your contributions. Experience annual returns between 12% and 36%, a game-changer compared to conventional retirement options!

Our mission is to make retirement planning accessible for all Americans, offering the highest returns possible. Retirement is not just about savings; it’s a long-term investment in your future. Through our innovative asset growth microloan platform, you can now access higher investment returns that were once exclusive to the wealthy. Oasis Retirement is committed to making a positive impact on workers, members, employees, employers, families, and businesses alike.

Our team of investment experts leverages global knowledge to grow your wealth and bring financial security within reach for every working American. No matter your income level, Oasis Retirement empowers you to build a retirement legacy, secure your financial future, and benefit from higher interest returns, all while safeguarding your investment.

Top 4 Reasons to Invest with Us

High Returns

Our investment opportunities offer competitive returns starting at 12%, ensuring that you can earn significant profits on your investment.

Affordable Minimum Investment

You can start investing with us with as low as $25, making it easy for anyone to get started and build their portfolio over time.

Quick and Easy Retirement Planning

Our fast retirement setup ensures that you can start planning for your retirement with ease and convenience.

No Hidden Fees

Unlike other investment platforms, we do not charge any admin or management fees, allowing you to keep more of your earnings and invest more in your future.

Break the Boundaries of Traditional Savings

One in four Americans don’t have a retirement plan or savings, and those who do are not able to save enough for a secure future. And it doesn’t help that average annual interest returns from bank savings or the stock market are a mere .05% to 3%. That’s where Oasis Retirement can help you. 

Our participants receive returns up to 36% annually.


Benefits both employers and employees


Boosts employee retention and morale


Creates a nest egg for when you're ready to retire

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