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“Retirement isn’t just an age. It’s a number in your investment account.”

Our investment experts have sophisticated international investment experience and help people from around the world increase their wealth. We have only one goal in mind—to make retirement accessible to all Americans with the highest returns possible. Most people talk about what age they want to retire, but we hardly hear anyone talk about how much money they require to retire.

With Oasis Retirement, you can secure your future with higher savings interest returns and maximize your investment. You can start receiving 12% and invest toward receiving up to 36% year over year in returns. If you would like to start receiving higher returns at 36% annually, invest above $50,000 into your Oasis Retirement Trust investment account.

Since its inception, Oasis Retirement has produced great interest in money returns, with an average of up to 12% annually. We currently have over a thousand members and are growing across the US. Our mission is to provide individuals, members, employees, employers, families, and businesses with substantial investment returns that are hard to get anywhere else.

Get 12% – 36% back year over year!

Disclaimer: ERISA Bonded, Not insured by FDIC, May Lose Value, and No Bank Guarantee.


Our goal is to make retirement savings accessible and affordable for everyone with reasonable pricing and the best interest returns.


We take pride in providing the right solutions for your savings and ensuring you can have a secure future.


Find peace of mind knowing your future is safe with plans that fit your budget and retirement experts to guide you.

“The key to a successful future is to begin investing as soon as possible and remain consistent with your contributions.”

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